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Research & Development

Our research & development department operates with the goal of extending tool lifetime and improving the quality of the final products.

  • Test developed on materials for die-casting along with Politecnico di Milano – sede di Lecco.
  • Mould design to reduce thermal fatigue (main reason for the wear of the moulds), allowing more effective thermoregulations. This approach, named «puzzle tooling», has a positive influence on the quality of the parts and cycle time.
  • Use of the «vacuum technology».
    Methods developed to measure the effectiveness of suction systems employed and consecuent optimization of its geometries.
    Goal: to limit dimensions of air suction systems, given the same amount of sucked air.
  • Close attention to new technologies.
    We run tests with all the 3D printing technologies (suitable for die-casting) and we use them to improve our knowledge.

HORIZON 2020 program

“Puzzle Die” – Long life to the tool
Modern way to build a tool, using a new technique to implement “classic” ideas in an innovative way.

Horizon2020 is the biggest funding program for research and development currently in force in UE.
Costamp applied for this program on October 2016 and the presented project was appointed, in January 2017 call, as one of the three Italian worthwhile ones.
At this moment, the project can definitely be considered more development than research, in fact the project is in a higher TRL (technology readiness level) stage, and it has already proved to be working.

Scope of the project
Costamp, thanks to FEM/CFD simulation suppliers, had been able to implement a new design and construction technique that allowed to build tools in a way to make them last longer than ever before.

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MADE4LO – Metal ADditivE for LOmbardy

Digital Transformation and Open Innovation are the pillars of MADE4LO: Two key ingredients of the Fourth Industrial Revolution that will make the Italian metals industry more competitive.

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