Ciudad de Mexico:

Thermoplastic moulds

Costamp Torino has operated in the field of thermoplastic moulds for over 20 years, manufacturing devices for the most important Tier1 / OEM suppliers.

The reference field is the AUTOMOTIVE market:

  • Bumper
  • Door panels
  • Various coverings
  • Dashboards

The technical department has conceived the patented structure of the compact bumper mould.

This mould type has already been used on more than 30 bumper moulds, all manufactured in the FCA facilities (Italy, Poland, Serbia), OP facilities (France), Faurecia facilities (France, Brazil, Russia, Romania), Plascar facilities (Brazil), Aplas facilities (Turkey).

Currently, the patent has been transferred, renewed and registered under the brand Costamp s.r.l.

Mould types:

  • Thermoplastic injection mouldings for the AUTOMOTIVE and TRUCK markets
  • Thermoplastic Co-injection moulding
  • Injection compression moulding
  • One-shot moulding (Incotech)
  • Thermosetting compression moulding (SMC)

Upon request of the customer, we process the manufacturing of specific instruments for the creation of various prototypes and materials (stereolithographies, thermoplastics, thermoformed, …)


Our moulds are always certified through dimensional controls, performed to check the correct geometries displayed on the 3D. The test type takes place with contact instruments or laser/photogrammetry scanning instruments.

Upon request of the customer, we perform CTR control of the products.


Working area CNC MILLING
Fidia GFTM V3 Year 2015 4000X – 3000Y – 1740Z
Sachman TRT 314 Year 2014 3000X – 1600Y – 2000Z
Sachman T15HS (no1) Year 2004 2500X – 1200Y – 1100Z
Sachman T15HS (no2) Year 2004 2500X – 1200Y – 1100Z
FPT Pragma HS Year 2000 3000X – 1100Y – 1900Z
Sigma Zenit M5 Year 2000 1250X – 600Y – 685Z
Sigma Leader 7 Year 2003 2150X – 810Y – 630Z

IMSA MF1500 BB Year 2004 3200X – 1500Y (+-20°) – 1000Z

Working area EDM

CDM ROVELLA BF1810 Year 2005 1800X – 1100Y – 1000Z

Mould closure presses
MILLUTENISL 143 Year 2003 1540 x 1300 --- H 1400
NAVA 2MPS 250/TE+RT Year 2015 3000 x 2000 --- H 2500